De Pere High School Transition Program Partnering with Local Businesses

Here at the Chamber we have many issues we are concerned with and we are constantly on the look for potential solutions.  Two of the things on that list are the current & future workforce as well our educational systems.  Recently, Christopher Guilette, Special Education Transition Coordinator at De Pere High School stopped by to tell us about a program he is coordinating and it is innovative and exciting!

At my request, he has written the following article about the program and how it is helping with today’s issues of note.  I hope you find it as interesting and informative as I did and, even more, I hope the program information finds its way to employers in our community where it will have benefit for both the business and the students.

De Pere High School Transition Program Partnering with Local Businesses


As a responsible partner with our families and the community, De Pere High School provides an educational edge that prepares all learners to be successful and contributing members in society. As part of that edge, the high school is striving to offer authentic learning opportunities for all students to prepare them for the world of work.


The school’s Transition Program is set up to give students with disabilities the opportunity to showcase their abilities and develop employability skills. Through the combined efforts of families, school staff members and business partners, we can truly make a difference in the lives of these young students who will become productive members of our community.


How can we be of service to your business? Opportunities that are mutually beneficial for employers and students are needed. For our students, it is developing necessary employability skills in an authentic learning environment. For the employer, this would be the chance to hire a deserving student who desires to learn employment soft skills as well as while meeting the needs of your business. In addition, opportunities for a school-sponsored job coach, support from parents and special funding from various resources may be possible.


If you are interested in working with a student employee who will appreciate the opportunity to learn under your guidance, hiring a student from the DPHS Transition Program may be just the opportunity for your business. To discuss the possibilities for partnership, please contact:


Chris Guilette

Transition Program Coordinator and Special Education Teacher

De Pere High School

(920) 337-1020 ext. 4621

1700 Chicago Street, De Pere, WI 54115

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