Not as expected, I’m sure …

You are probably expecting me to blog about healthy eating or remind you to make healthy choices, not over-indulge or get some exercise this week.  But, I’m going to disappoint you.  Today I’m going to talk about heart health.  If the fullness of one’s heart can be a measure of the health of one’s heart, then I’m certain my heart will never be more healthy than it is today.


This last week has been a tremendous reminder of the blessings in my life and of the wonderful life I am living.  It has been a renewal of my faith in people.  It has also reminded me that sometimes well-meaning organizations get bogged down in policies and forget their mission to HELP others while doing so with respect and compassion.   That will be a cause to come, but not today.

Today, I express my most heart-felt gratitude specifically to Jennifer Naze (Ramada Plaza, Green Bay who are SO lucky to have her!!!), Bob Detrick, Colleen Radtke (St. Mark Lutheran Church – their food pantry will welcome donations), Nancy Hougard, Sarah Anstaett (U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office), the principal and staff at West De Pere Middle School, First Assembly of God Church  (who would welcome donations for their Thanksgiving Day dinner where all in need are welcome & none turned away), Pat Olejniczak and the Kress Inn, Gail Garrity-Reed and Debbie Murphy, plus all of the individuals on Facebook who shared, liked, commented and jumped up to help over the last week.

As I shared a few weeks ago, for me November is a month of gratitude that begins with thanks to those who make my birthday special and ends with me expressing thanks for the blessings in my life.  This November has brought home for me that Thanksgiving is a compound word holiday … to those I specifically mentioned above, to the others in the “catch-all” group above from Facebook and to all of you who quietly reach out to help others in any and every way you can …

thanks for giving.

Have a blessed, peaceful and safe Thanksgiving everyone, I hope your heart is full and healthy too!


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