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If you follow us on Twitter, then you’ve seen our recurring tweet that says “Help us win $50k in hiring grants by writing a few words to Intuit about why you love the Chamber & our important” with a link address – and you’ve probably wondered, “what the heck?!”  Very soon now, you’ll know!!  From Intuit:

We’re Awarding over $1 Million in Intuit Small Business Grants!

Each month we’ll be giving away $25,000 to a deserving local business. Plus, in September, we are awarding $50,000 in grants to businesses in the two cities you love the most! Your nominations and votes will help secure a better future for local businesses in your communities.

Your votes determine the winners!

Vote to Help Your Favorite Local Businesses Win Big

There’s over $1 Million in grants at stake; your votes help decide who gets them.

Voting is easy, and fast.
Just share a few brief thoughts about why you love a local business. Nominate a favorite business yourself if you don’t find it on the list. Only one vote per business, but you can vote for as many businesses as you like.

Each vote is like a raffle ticket.
The more votes a business gets, the more chances they have to win $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grants that are awarded each month.

Your words matter!
Judges will review the monthly grant winners and select one Grand Prize winner of an Intuit Small Business Grant worth $50,000!

So make your opinion known, and vote to help out a deserving local business in your community!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.), 18 years or older may submit a nomination. Submit nomination before 9/30/11. Void where prohibited. Official Rules

(back to me again…)  *ahem*

We need your vote!  Seriously, we do.  Managing the projects our members feel are important AND we know will make incredibly positive impacts in our community take staffing.  Don’t get me wrong, volunteers are wonderful.  Fantastic and amazing.  Interns too!  Great and a God-send.  However… there is nothing like someone for whom it is in fact their JOB to get it done.  And!  The consistency of someone in the role for a period of time that you don’t get with volunteers and/or interns.  So, we continue to raise money and increase membership, but we are at the “horse” “cart” … “chicken” “egg” time.  We need money to increase staffing for programming, but need programming to raise money!!

  • We are very passionate about Business Development and working with entrepreneurs about establishing their dreams and seeing them grow and develop;
  • We are very passionate about Workforce Development and helping college students both make the leap to the career that fits them best and help them to be successful very early on in those careers;
  • We are very passionate about Community Health & Wellness because we know a healthy community and a healthy workforce equal a healthy economy;
  • We are passionate about keeping our community looking fabulous through Beautification efforts; and
  • We are very passionate about making our community sustainable — we have to preserve today for the future.  It is just simply our obligation!

As a Chamber, our typical path is the “Let’s Make a Deal” pattern of door number one: to just ask for money; door number two:find sponsors or door number three:  do without.  This gives us the option of “the box on the aisle”!  Yes, it is a long shot and yes, we need the help of a LOT of people … but … now you know.

Go to THIS PAGE – enter De Pere Chamber and De Pere WI in #1 top section, click FIND; then Click on De Pere Area Chamber of Commerce; enter your info and VOILA!!

We’d really appreciate your support!

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